Wild Mountain
Music Festival

Come to the Original Crossroads,
three days of musical bliss!


The First Nation’s people referred to this place as the Crossroads.
Few, if any lived here, but everyone passed through because this was a place for
powerful medicine and for summer celebrations and feasting.
Come to the original Crossroads at Entrance Ranch and join us
for the Wild Mountain Music Festival.

Entrance Ranch - Wild Mountain Music Festival

Wild Mountain happens at the Entrance Ranch,
eight kilometers north of Hinton,
on the most beautiful festival site on Earth.
The festival is on the third weekend of July

The location is rustic and takes place on one of the pastures of a working ranch. The festival runs a shuttle service from Hinton, but if you choose to camp on-site, the Wild Mountain General Store offers the necessities and there is an array of food vendors and many art vendors with an interesting offering of original work.

Entrance Ranch - Wild Mountain Music Festival

Wild Mountain has built its reputation from the stage out. We run a two stage format, so the music never stops. With a twist of your lawn chair, its easy to follow both stages.  From Colin James to the break through with the Sheepdogs, then Sam Roberts and a packed field in 2014 for Blue Rodeo, one of Canada’s preeminent bands, Wild Mountain brings a unique mix of music and art to the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

For the big kids, our beer tent has an amazing view of both stages, but ours is a family friendly event and we offer the younger kids their own area with a well planned weekend activities.

Entrance Ranch - Wild Mountain Music Festival
Entrance Ranch - Wild Mountain Music Festival